The parody of our time

The United States of America is at the forefront of waging wars in the name of spreading democracy but is the same chief culprit in stifling the democratisation agenda at the United Nations it is a crazy world indeed.

Fairness is Utopian
Bensuda who wants to give world the impression that ICC is a just court was quick to open indictments on Kenya but has turned a blind eye on the atrocities committed by the west and Israel’s violations of Palestinians human rights left, right and centre? Is Kenyan life more precious than that of Palestinians?  When the champions of human rights shun the ICC, you can only but wonder what they are afraid of. Then you have African leaders crying victim to the system of international justice. I just wonder if they seriously believe that their crimes are worthy to go unpunished or that the lives of fellow African lives lost is not worthy of their incarceration.
What is good for the goose should be good for gander
Is it not ironic that countries that have weapons of mass destruction themselves are today our world police dictating who can and who cannot possess these weapons of mass destruction, surely the moral ground they stand on is sinking sand. Let me not be misunderstood by anyone I am in any way promoting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction I simply want you to pose and reflect and maybe you can have an understanding on the kind of world we live in. Iran is not allowed to enrich its Uranium for peaceful purposes even though international law clearly states they can? Now the powers that be, peddle lies through their media outlets that Iran is a rogue state and a war monger. Anyone who buys into this dogma should be forgive because these media outlets although very biased in favour of western hegemony they appear to be fair and balanced.  But this war monger called Iran has only fought in one war in self defence against Saddam Hussein`s Iraq in the past two hundred years.  Need I say more the Americans were supporting Iraq morally and otherwise. On the contrary to Iran our big brother who comes in the name of peace and democracy has been involved in so many wars in the last century that I lost count, now you tell me who is the war monger?
Nations start wars to bring peace
Isn’t it ironic that nations start wars to bring peace unfortunately many times than not the wars simply yield to more unstable countries? Contrary to your opinion comrade Tendai Biti (Zimbabwe`s former finance minister) I agree with South African former president Thabo Mbeki that stability and peace are more important goals than democracy look at Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic and Egypt. Countries are more divided, many livelihoods destroyed and some life even lost now can you tell me that is a price worth paying especially with no guarantee that the devil you do not know is better than the current one. It is always easy to destroy and difficult to build, easy to arm rebels to start a war but difficult to force the same rebels on a negotiating table and end peace.
Charity begins at home Mr President.
Mugabe is right on many occasions than not at international platforms exposing the hooliganism and hypocrisy of the West. One would expect to find him on point on the domestic scene too but no he is only a democrat at international platforms wishing that his and many other weak nation states be treated justly at the undemocratic United Nations. It really beats me how his position changes dramatically at the domestic level for he is certainly a change agent on the international scene and a change blocker at home. He could have been a great statesman had he been a true democrat but then if he was he would have gone a long time ago. Many call him intelligent but I think his intelligence is only limited to power retention because his folly is so glaring when it comes to the economy. Ibbo Mandaza correctly points out that he is illiterate when it comes to the economy albeit holding a bachelor of economics. Does this not make you think education is over rated when Biti a lawyer and a Dr Makoni the chemist understand economics much better than our Bob the economist?
Change is much more than slogans comrades
Then comes the MDC whose change slogans are nothing more than just slogans. I do not want to be too harsh with my fellow comrades but then again I think they deserve some tough love. I really do not want to think that ours is a crises of expectancy that we ask and expect too much from our leaders maybe they are simply at fault for over promising change they cannot deliver. When Morgan Tsvangiryi`s numerous women escapades were put in the open cdes  defended him saying at least he is better than people from Zanu PF but comrades do we have to remind you that we never hold Zanu PF as a standard to be measuring ourselves to, Zanu PF represents everything we shun and distaste.  I remember listening and believing this one Chamisa at some point, criticising the government for buying luxury vehicles for Ministers but when the unity government was formed I expected the MDC to live by their word but they proved that their word is a useless currency that is not worth the value of the paper it is written on. At-least in this regard there is one David Coltard who seemed to understand what exactly the country needed and still needs. It is no surprising that he was one of the best Ministers of the few performing Ministers of the Unity Government. In all honesty I think he is only comparable to Tendai Biti who was quite up to the surmountable challenges we faced as a nation or should I say we are facing, I am sure Chinamasa can attest to that.  Even though Corruption, self-aggrandizement cuts through our politics, I thought Morgan Tsvangiryi was different I thought he was my reincarnated Thomas Sankara but no, he too has an appetite for finer things in life even at the expense of ordinary people failing to make ends meet otherwise how could the Prime minister accept $3 million dollars for re-construction of his residence.
People demand change not a change in faces but a complete turnaround in the way we conduct our business as Gideon Gono would put it. It cannot be business as usual the sooner the change agents realise this the better that.