War is what happens when language fails

“No more important challenge faces us today than how to deal with our differences” this statement by Ury could not be more relevant than to Zimbabwe today. Often than not we try to resolve our differences through coercive force when we could simply talk to one another. Margaret Atwood says “War is what happens when language fails”.

If we could forgive Ian Smith, why can we not work with Mujuru?

A week ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, who in my eyes seemed to be doing quite well for himself. I was shocked to learn that he was planning to relocate to some foreign country in the near future. Even though his business was relatively successful, putting food on the table, he could not imagine the economy recovering any time soon in the hands of Zanu PF. He bemoaned that… Read more“If we could forgive Ian Smith, why can we not work with Mujuru?”

2018 it's do or die, the opposition must unite or perish.

If only we had time I would have attempted to play with words and deliver the very same message in a more respectful manner just as my culture demands, but unfortunately time is so desperately working against us. Dear reader, do not be unnerved that I have included you in “us”. I know you have your reservations when it comes to the opposition but I know deep down, you too are seeking change and yearning for… Read more“2018 it's do or die, the opposition must unite or perish.”

Have the people spoken? Zimbabwe Elections

Well this is the most pertinent question confronting all Zimbabweans both in the homeland and in the diaspora, have the people spoken? It is important to note for those who are not familiar with Zimbabwean issues, that Zimbabwe held elections on the 31st of July three days ago, which were hailed by some as the most important elections in the history of Zimbabwe after the elections that ushered our independence. Being an activist who has… Read more“Have the people spoken? Zimbabwe Elections”