Political apathy a disease that needs curing

I was lucky to be among 23 student leaders who got scholarships to come and study in the Netherlands after having been expelled from Great Zimbabwe University and banned from attending any other state owned tertiary institution in Zimbabwe. It was a privilege that was not afforded to every victimised student leader of my generation. Other expelled leaders had to finish their studies through correspondence with the University of South Africa.

Comrade Jacob Zuma help us help you resolve this immigration headache

According to an article on Africa Check’s website, the number of Zimbabweans living in South Africa cannot be substantiated. The South African official figures have loads of discrepancies and data widely circulated in different publications is quite unreliable with estimates ranging from 1-million to 2-million. However, all those publications agree that Zimbabweans constitute the largest group of foreigners living in South Africa.

In defence of the people’s project against detractors: The Coalition project.

Benjamin Franklin aptly put it when he said any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools actually do. No sooner had the ink dried on the signed memorandum of understanding between Mujuru and Tsvangirai’s parties did these fools come out in droves, complaining, criticizing and condemning. Surely, it beats me, how can a person who seriously wants to see change in the country complain about the opposition coming together? Is it not basic… Read more“In defence of the people’s project against detractors: The Coalition project.”