May the true Christians stand up!!!

I have been wanting to write a piece on Christianity for a very long time especially after the Makandiwa conference where people had to pay money to hear the word of God and those who could not pay the aforementioned gate fee were barred entrance into the bounty of God`s grace. This is perhaps globalisation, but perhaps globalisation too far, of course this has been done and it is still being done by churches in the developed West. The most unfortunate thing is that we are like sheep we follow blindly. But let it be known that when it comes to God Africa is way much ahead because by nature we are simply much more spiritual.

The problem is that the church has become so worldly all they ever preach about is material wealth. Attending church these days is no more than attending a how to get rich seminar. Luckily the principles they teach actually work but that is beside the point, the church should concentrate on what matters the most, saving souls and to take from the words of the Master himself he said “seek ye the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added unto you”. I can hear someone say well the church has to cover the costs and someone has to pay for that, oh please come on, why not ask people to bring whatever they can afford so that everyone has an opportunity to hear the gospel.

A friend of mine wrote on his Facebook wall, that he badly wanted to attend that conference but couldn’t because he was so broke. Its however unfortunate that his status was not very different to the many status updates I saw on Facebook when Sean Paul came to Harare, of people failing to go because they didn’t have money. Then there must be something wrong there, this should not be taken to mean that he is not a man of God, I personally believe he is but what it simply means is that he is as human as can be and therefore fallible. And when humans err they stand to be corrected and I hope I have done just that. Now is the time for the true Christians to stand up and speak the truth of God without fear or favour

The church should not be quiet when our leaders in positions of authority like our beloved Prime Minister go about behaving irresponsibly, impregnating two women within a year. John the Baptist was arrested and eventually beheaded when he told King Herod that he was committing adultery sleeping with his brother`s wife. Let people not mistake this as an attack on the MDC, Zanu pf leaders are equally guilty and so is the MDC led by professor Welshmen the whole civic society. No one is clean even the ordinary man on the street is not clean some pastors too but never the less the church should speak out and act as the true vanguard of our moral fiber in our beloved Zimbabwe.

Arms akimbo, tongues tied, eyes glued to the unfolding Anglican saga, this is the true picture of Christians, as they stood by and watched from the sidelines, well we will give them the benefit of the doubt in that it was difficult to intervene and support a faction that backed homosexuality in the church, or support Bishop Kunonga whose thuggish tactics are taken from the Zanu Pf hymn book. The true church of God should have rose and condemned the issue of homosexuality and also the abuse of the cloth by Kunonga. Honestly where in the love of God have you seen a man of God wanting to close orphanages and schools so that he can only be in control of the properties, God is seated in heaven wondering where his true sons and daughters are hiding? May the true Christians arise and fight evil. For the bible says in the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God suffered violence and only violent man can take it back by force.

How did the church become so passive, so weak and so indecisive, I wonder how men and women of the cloth can sleep well at night when all this evil happens in their eyes? In the run up to elections in the fateful June runoff elections, the Zanu PF machinery launched a brutal attack on the ordinary Zimbabwean populace and the church was silent only to hear one or two voices. Zimbabwean history is full of men of God, who played a pivotal role in the liberation of our country. Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, Leopold Takawira, Bishop Muzorewa are few names that come to mind when think of the liberation struggle.Where are the true Christians of our time, Christians who will be able to stand up look evil in the eye and speak boldly without flinching, telling evil that its days are numbered. We certainly cannot afford a repeat of that shambolic June runoff. May the true Christians in our midst stand up, please stand up!!