Half of a Yellow Sun Review by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I had watched the movie beforehand, hence I was sceptical, thinking I already knew the story line. I read this book only because I love Chimamanda. But I must confess, I am glad I read the book. There is just too much detail and nuance that I had missed from watching the movie.

The story is fiction but located in actual history. It begins just before the Biafran cessation (Nigerian civil war) right up until the civil war ends. The story is interwoven through the experiences of three main characters, Ugwu the house boy, Olanna who comes from a very privileged background and Richard the expat who falls in love with Olanna’s twin Kainene.

The book touches on several themes including, class, racism, tribalism, culture (tradition vs modernity) and the binding theme being love. It is slightly too long for my liking but never the less I enjoyed the book.