Racism and prejudice: my personal encounters

Racism is a difficult and heavy subject to discuss, more so immediately after having such a beautiful holiday. My wife bears me witness, we had a lovely time in Hersonissos. Walking on the edges of the town, adjacent to the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Hersonissos is a resort town on the coast of the Greek island Crete. I am told in the peak of the holiday season the island is usually crowded… Read more“Racism and prejudice: my personal encounters”

May the true Christians stand up!!!

I have been wanting to write a piece on Christianity for a very long time especially after the Makandiwa conference where people had to pay money to hear the word of God and those who could not pay the aforementioned gate fee were barred entrance into the bounty of God`s grace. This is perhaps globalisation, but perhaps globalisation too far, of course this has been done and it is still being done by churches in… Read more“May the true Christians stand up!!!”