Generation 40: Young but old Zanu PF politics

Even after purging Mujuru and her colleagues, factionalism remains rife within Zanu PF. Mugabe knows that his leadership can only be secure when there is division and infighting in Zanu PF. In 2013, the Lacoste faction thought the succession debate was a done deal but the master was at work. Doing what he knows best, dividing and conquering. Mugabe through his wife created the new faction nicknamed Generation 40 (G40). Surely, the more the things change… Read more“Generation 40: Young but old Zanu PF politics”

Corruption will not fall until Mugabe the godfather of corruption has fallen

Former Hong Kong anti-corruption administrator Bertrand de Speville in his book Overcoming Corruption says, political will is the key driver in fighting corruption. I could not agree more with this statement, more so in regards to Zimbabwe where we have all the tools to deal with corruption decisively, yet under Mugabe’s administration, corruption continues to thrive and soar.

Political apathy a disease that needs curing

I was lucky to be among 23 student leaders who got scholarships to come and study in the Netherlands after having been expelled from Great Zimbabwe University and banned from attending any other state owned tertiary institution in Zimbabwe. It was a privilege that was not afforded to every victimised student leader of my generation. Other expelled leaders had to finish their studies through correspondence with the University of South Africa.