Bond Notes: Our refusal to learn from history

Why does our very own Central Bank refuse to learn from our past? What gives Reserve Bank Governor Mangudya the arrogance to disregard everyone and the lessons from our recent history? Why does he refuse to listen to people telling him that Bond Notes will be bad for our country? Does he not know that our wounds are still fresh? People lost their pension, their life’s savings through the actions of a bandit governor in cohorts with his president.

An open letter to African Americans: African lives matter too

I am a fan of Black American history. As such I have read a bit on Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Turban, Booker T Washington, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King junior, Malcolm X among many others. But Marcus Garvey’ solid Pan-African philosophy touches my heart the most. More so because I identify with this philosophy. Africa and the African diaspora we are one, including you too, our brothers and sisters in America.

We must accept nonviolence but not as an absolute moral principle

  It’s easy for non-participants in this our struggle for democracy, economic and political justice to say that all violence is abhorrent. Quite easy forthem to stand aloof and retain their moral purity, condemning both the oppressor and the oppressed. Quite easy for pacifists deeply influenced by their philosophical idealism and absolutist ethics to let their fellow citizens suffer violence from the state than sacrifice their own non-violent principles to defend them.  

Let’s be the Change we need, We can finish this together

The proverbial allegory of people watering the garden whilst the house burns adequately describes the current Zanu PF leadership. Mugabe is busy fiddling with factionalism and globetrotting nonstop whilst the country burns.   There is a cash crises, no money to pay civil servants, let alone feed the starving section of the population affected by drought. But Mugabe, wife and their cheerleaders are only but preoccupied with power retention in their dying party. This kind of… Read more“Let’s be the Change we need, We can finish this together”