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In Pretoria out and about

In Pretoria out and about

I am here to stir conversations around race relations, social justice, equality, feminism, religion and politics in general. Together through candid conversations we can and we must bring Africa together. Our destinies are intertwined. Africa we are one.

In a nutshell, I am a political activist, a former student leader. Expelled from Great Zimbabwe University for leading student protests against the University authorities  and the government. I currently reside in Belgium in a tiny village called Lanaken.

I began blogging a few years back just to put my thoughts to paper. Its only recent that I have decided to blog seriously. As a result, some of my articles have been published on  NehandaRadio, KhulumaAfrica, Bulawayo24, Newsday Zimbabwe and Zimeye.

It is our revolutionary duty as young Africans to have these serious conversations. We are the change that Africa has been waiting for.let us grow together.

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