May the true Christians stand up!!!

I have been wanting to write a piece on Christianity for a very long time especially after the Makandiwa conference where people had to pay money to hear the word of God and those who could not pay the aforementioned gate fee were barred entrance into the bounty of God`s grace. This is perhaps globalisation, but perhaps globalisation too far, of course this has been done and it is still being done by churches in… Read more“May the true Christians stand up!!!”

The Autonomy of the Youth Assembly

Introduction I have been fascinated by Julius Malema of late and honestly speaking who hasn’t. Just how he has managed to capture the interest of the world both for the right and the wrong reasons. What has aroused my interest more than anything is the autonomy of the Youth League from the ANC structures, what it means, its advantages and the disadvantages how to manage such a relationship without causing chaos and friction in the… Read more“The Autonomy of the Youth Assembly”

The silence is deafening, where are the Pan Africanists: Somalia

The current humanitarian crisis in Somalia has exposed the West’s hypocrisy while at the same time showing how narrow our modern day pan Africanism is. If one does not believe that the west are hypocritical then one has to simply compare the many billions spend on the Libyan invasion to the millions spend on relief efforts in Somalia where millions are facing starvation and prominently death caused by a severe drought in their country. No… Read more“The silence is deafening, where are the Pan Africanists: Somalia”